Getting to the Root Cause

Use the term, “root canal,” and many folks start shaking. “Oh no, anything but that!” So… when was the last time you had a root canal? Times have changed and so have root canal procedures.

Maybe you’ve been putting off a visit to Hawksburn Village Dental because you fear you may need a root canal. Well fear no more and put your mind at ease by calling us to schedule an examination and a cleaning of your teeth. Let’s start there and see what we need to do. How’s that?

Why Would I Need Root Canal Therapy?

Have you ever had an abscessed tooth? If so, you know the throbbing pain and swollen gums that go along with it and the inevitable trip to the dentist for what usually turns out to be a root canal.

In the not too long ago past, the term “root canal,” brought to mind painful images – but not anymore! Root canal therapy has definitely “grown up” into a far less fearful procedure and is no more painful than getting a tooth filled! In fact, the purpose of a root canal is to relieve pain, not cause it!

Root canal illustration

Today’s root canals are nothing to fear!

In very simple terms, a root canal removes infected tissue from the roots of the tooth beneath the gums. This is done to:

  • Save the part of the tooth above the gums
  • Minimize the risk of further damage
  • Prevent loss of the tooth entirely, requiring more extensive and expensive treatment.

Ready to Discuss Dentures?

If you’re ready to discuss dentures, then so are we. Of course there may be other options available as well, but we won’t know for sure until we see you! So give Hawksburn Village Dental a call to schedule an examination and consultation. Don’t you agree it’s about time?