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Cosmetic Dentistry &
Teeth Whitening Camberwell

Trusted Cosmetic Dentistry and Teeth Whitening near Camberwell

Having a good smile is a source of confidence for many people. Here at Hawksburn Village Dental, we help our patients achieve the smile they want with our high-quality cosmetic dental and teeth whitening procedures. Whether you want a whiter smile or to straighten misaligned teeth, the team at Hawksburn Village Dental is here.

Many may think cosmetic dentistry is only about teeth whitening and changing the appearance of your teeth. However, a cosmetic dentist can fix chipped teeth and misaligned bites, which can be painful and lead to further problems down the road. Restoring damaged teeth, boosting natural tooth enamel, or replacing missing ones can make chewing more comfortable, reduce pain, and even help ensure less tooth sensitivity.

Our cosmetic services are comprehensive. On top of whitening teeth, we handle general oral care, orthodontics, and more!

Our services include:

  • Teeth whitening. Our Zoom! Whitening system is an in-chair teeth whitening treatment that takes one hour and is done in-office.
  • Smilefast braces. Designed for adults, Smilefast braces blend in with your teeth. Treatments typically last only six to nine months.
  • Veneers. These are thin covers placed on the front of your natural teeth to adjust alignment, shape, size, and colour.
  • Dental implants. A strong, secure implant can replace a missing tooth and prevent bone loss.
  • Preventative dentistry, including full exams. After all, good health is the basis of good-looking teeth.

All of our procedures are safe and fast ways to fix and whiten your teeth and transform your smile.

We’ll first assess your oral health and talk with you about your cosmetic goals. Then, we can choose an option that works best for you.

If you’re unsatisfied with the appearance of your smile or are concerned about structural damage, like chips or cracks, contact us!

Dr. Pohl and the entire team at Hawksburn Village Dental are here to help you find confidence and comfort in your smile with our cosmetic dentistry and teeth whitening near Camberwell.

Are You Looking for a Quality Cosmetic Dentist Near You?

Hawksburn Village Dental has been proudly providing cosmetic dentistry and teeth whitening near Camberwell and the surrounding areas for over a decade. We’re proud of the relationships we build with each patient, as well as the results we deliver.

Each of our cosmetic procedures was chosen for its safety and effectiveness. Our process begins with a full consultation that we call a “six-step screening.” We examine your teeth, gum tissue, and the joints and tissues around your mouth and jaw.

By taking a full look at your oral health, we can identify sources of pain, gum disease, and other problem areas. From there, we work with you to find the solution to your cosmetic dental needs.

We offer full services to all Camberwell residents, including children and young adults. Our goal is to provide Camberwell with healthy, confident smiles.

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Hawksburn Village Dental is led by Dr. John Pohl. Dr. Pohl has been helping patients with their cosmetic dentistry needs for over 20 years by implementing cutting-edge procedures.

Have questions? Ready to schedule your appointment? We’re happy to discuss our services or address any concerns you may have. Get in touch with the team at Hawksburn Village Dental!

You can book an appointment today by calling (03) 9826 5058.


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Driving Directions:

We are conveniently located just above Toorak Clinic opposite of the orange Supply and Demand building. 2-hour parking is available behind our building, with some parking available through side streets.

Public Transport

If using Tram # 72, our office is a short walk from stops 34 & 35. We are located between Toorak and Hawksburn train stations. Both are equal walking distances to our practice.
Hawksburn Village Dental - Dentist Dr. John Pohl
Hawksburn Village Dental - Dentist Dr. John Pohl
Hawksburn Village Dental - Dentist Dr. John Pohl
Hawksburn Village Dental - Dentist Dr. John Pohl

Proudly Serving Camberwell Residents

Camberwell is a beautiful suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, located 10kms east of Melbourne’s Central Business District. Camberwell has several parks, reserves and playgrounds, most notably, Frog Hollow Reserve, Fordham Gardens, Cooper Reserve, Bowen Gardens, Lynden Park, Highfield Park, Riversdale Park and Willison Park.

Hawksburn Village Dental has been serving the Camberwell area for over 20 years and has become a leading dentist in the suburb.



If you have dental health problems, there's no time to waste. Hawksburn Village Dental welcomes all new and returning dental patients with a smile.

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Our practice is located in Toorak and our convenient location provides quick and easy access to nearby public transport hubs, free street parking, a nearby pharmacy, and a radiology and pathology lab. A trip to Hawksburn Village Dental is a painless experience in all the ways that matter, not just your teeth.

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