At Hawksburn Village Dental, we are a bit fanatical about our local sports teams! So how does this impact Dr Pohl at our office?

Melbourne Taekwondo Centre

You may not know it, but Dr John Pohl has spent plenty of time in one of our local Taekwondo facilities, Melbourne Taekwondo Centre. As you know, Taekwondo does include some physical contact that sometimes results in injuries, even with protective gear. Dr Pohl works directly with the directors to offer services like protective mouthguards to prevent orofacial injuries and dental emergencies. But, if a dental emergency does occur, we help with that too!

East Malvern Knights Football

Just like our friends at Melbourne Taekwondo Centre, the East Malvern Knights Football team sometimes needs access to emergency dental care due to mishaps during a practice or game. Dr Pohl is a huge fan of the team and is always available for the players if a problem occurs.

Time to Protect Your Teeth

If you have an athlete in your family you should know that dental and orofacial injuries are some of the most common types of emergencies that are caused by sports. Protecting you or your child’s smile with a customised mouth guard can help prevent problems like broken teeth, busted lips and even concussions. Contact us to have your own guard made, or to get care for that unexpected injury!