Closing the Gap with Dental Implants

Have you ever wondered what your smile might look like if that missing tooth wasn’t missing? There are several ways to fill that gap with a “tooth” that looks and feels exactly like your other teeth.

An increasingly popular way to restore missing teeth is through dental implants. These are used as an alternative to dentures and bridges. Why? Because they have many advantages, including their completely natural appearance, their convenience and their ability to maintain bone mass.

What Are Dental Implants?

Implants consist of titanium screws that allows crowns , bridges and dentures to be fixed. An implant is placed into the jawbone where it replaces the root of a tooth. After a period of time when bone cells have integrated with the implant, an impression can be taken to allow the construction of a prosthesis ( a crown, or bridge or denture) to replace one or more teeth.

A dental implant is basically a screw with a crown. Dental implants never get cavities or need root canals!

A patient needs to be evaluated to ensure there is enough bone available to secure the implant. Impressions are taken to provide the necessary information for a customized implant.

Want to Know More?

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